Texas DPS fights opioid epidemic by administering Narcan kits

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – President Trump declared the opioid epidemic a national emergency back in 2017, and now the Texas Dept. of Public Safety is taking its own measures to keep its citizens safe.
The department will be administering Narcan kits to its troopers across the state said DPS communication and media officer Fred Biddle. 
“Governor Abbott stated that we’re going to push this out while we can at least to try to save the lives who are suffering of these opioid overdoses,” said Biddle. 
The treatment Narcan essentially reverses the effects of opioids said Cindy Weir of Serenity House. 
The kit has already saved a life in South Texas said Biddle. 
“We had a trooper on April the fourth this month in Hidalgo county who came across the person on the side of the road, and they were going through an opioid overdose,” said Biddle. 
And South Texas is not the only community affected by the epidemic in the state. Two lives were taken in 2017 in Abilene due to a major overdose involving three people, according to Weir. 
“Three people had taken some– an opiate that was laced with fentanyl–I believe is what the deal was and fentanyl is extremely powerful drug and it can kill you–just a few little grains of fentanyl can kill you dead,” said Weir. “So anyway, two of those three people passed away and one didn’t.”
Weir said of course Narcan is a bandage, but hopefully it can be the key to further treatment against opioid addiction. She said having the medicine at first responders’ disposal is vital. 
“Well, it’ll be an extreme blessing, because whoever is the first person to arrive on the scene when somebody has taken too much of an opiate and is in a depressed state, if you don’t administer–get some help to them really quickly, they will die,” said Weir. 


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