Two weeks after KRBC spoke with Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist Kelly Norrid about the struggles of transporting a threatened Texas Tortoise to the Abilene Zoo, the tortoise has arrived to its new forever home.

“We appreciate that they brought it all the way to Abilene,” said Denise Ibarra of the Abilene Zoo.

“There is a bit of stress that happens with moving a tortoise or any animal a significant distance,” said Norrid.

Now that the reptile has arrived, it will be taken care of while serving to educate the public on how to handle the threatened species.

“They go on outreaches, so they reach a lot of school groups, do camps, and classes,” said Ibarra. “The Abilene Zoo holds all the correct purposes to house a threatened species.”

“They’re helping to save the genetics of a species, of an endangered species, throughout the world,” said Norrid. “Maybe (they will) shed light on this species to the general public and showing the general the plight of these species and what we can do to help preserve this and other species around Texas.”

The tortoise is believed to be six to eight years of age, and it will live to be about 80 years old.

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