The Abilene Kennel Club to host 100th dog show

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – This weekend is The Abilene Kennel Club is having their 100th dog show. The annual dog show provides a fun activity for local families while hundreds of exhibitors help the local economy. 
“She’s my best friend, she really is. We are inseparable. I take her with me all over place. If I can take a dog, Gabby goes with me,” said Claude Milton, dog trainer for two years.        

Milton retired from home land security two years ago and entered his new career as a dog handler.

“I know a lot about dogs and I am also retired military so I have a little insight on that but as far as really doing anything it’s just a love of heart and good team work,” said Milton.
While he is just getting started, Pat Sayles has been doing it for almost 15 years.

“The more you train them, the more you interact with them, the closer you get to them and the more attached you get to them and my life would be a little bit empty if I didn’t do training with them,” said Sayles.

They are two very different people but the love they have for their dogs is the same.
“I’ll do it until the day I can’t do it anymore,” said Sayles.

“Just me and Gabby, we are a team,” said Milton.

Milton’s end goal is to taking their team work and train Gabby to become a cadaver dog.

“We volunteer to go as a team after a natural disaster like hurricanes or tornados and go and try to help first responders try and recover people that are missing,” said Milton.
He hopes to be able to do that within the next year. Some of the proceeds from the show will go to The Taylor County Sheriff Department’s K-9 program. The event is free to the public on friday through sunday at The Taylor County Expo Center.

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