The Key City continues to honor the late Dr. King

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The Key City never fails to continuously honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Abilene Black Chamber of Commerce continued to remember Dr. King’s legacy with its annual MLK banquet, Monday evening.

“He was very instrumental in putting a lot of civil rights movements out there for us and so we want to continue for us to celebrate his legacy and still continue to learn from the movement that he was trying to accomplish,” Vice President of the Abilene Black CHamber of Commerce,Tremayne Hubbard said.

Hundreds of people put their best foot forward Monday, to honor the late civil right’s leader,at the Abilene Convention Center.

“We are very fortunate in a lot of things that happened and has continued to happen as doors are opened up to people of different races to be able to further their education. Things as far as jobs. All those things that he was talking about, which everybody being created equal. Those things, we are continuing to press forward and make sure that those things are not forgotten and continue to improve on them,” Vice President Hubbard said.

The banquet was emceed by Mayor Anthony Williams and continued with performances. The guest speaker, Representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, made the trek from San Antonio to deliver her wisdom to the Key City.

She said her message for today’s youth is to keep the ‘dream alive but know what the dream really means’.

“I know the new word out there for young people is ‘Stay Woke.’ Well, staying woke, here’s what’s important: know your history. Know where you’ve come from. Know that the African American community has been beautiful for years, not just recently. I know a lot of young people today don’t really understand that we are beautiful people, we are strong people, we’re magnificant people. So for me, young people, let’s look at what the dream means. Let’s not think of a mountain as a big, big, concrete thing. Let’s think of that mountain of being success,” Rep. Gervin-Hawkins said.

She explained that Dr. King was truly her hero, having worked tirelessly to make sure that other people can have a better life. She said he is the epitome of a public servant.

“Through his teachings, through his words, that has guided my life and allowed me an opportunity, not only to go places I’ve never been before, but also to think differently at how things can be,” the representative said.

She said African Americans have a long way to go, but have come a mighty long way.

“My new message today, particularly around our young people, is that let’s think about the dream and getting to the mountaintop. Let’s redefine what that really means. Many of us are living the dream. I feel personally, I’m living the dream. I feel I’ve been to the mountaintop. Through his teaching and his words, I’m able to celebrate where we as African Americans are today, based on where we were before,” Rep. Gervin-Hawkins said.

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