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The pros and cons of the Grackles

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - The grackles are back. The grackles are flocking south for winter and finding their homes here in Abilene. One resident even stopped to take a video of them at the mall. 
"I'd never seen quite birds all at one time and they are so loud right now you can hear them in the background and so I thought I'm just going to take a video because nobody is going to believe it," said Debbie Blake, resident in Abilene for 13 years.
Those numbers flocking south from Oklahoma and Kansas, choosing the mall and other areas because it has the things they need.
"They love the trees. Also they are kind of scavengers. Malls tend to, people tend to throw food on the ground unfortunately so the birds they are like hey its an easy meal for them and then also puddles of water so large parking lot. They need to have a water source," said Candyce Johnson, Assistant Superintendent at The Abilene State Park.
Those areas drawing in the birds while removing rodents.
"They help with pest control so in and around the mall and also some of the food that is dropped on the ground that could potentially promote the growth of rodent species, they eat that so the rodents dont have anything to eat so there's a potential there," said Johnson.
If they get to be too much, James Cummings, Texas Game Warden, says there are things you can do.
"They are in a way federally protected but when they gather in numbers that are a nuisance to heath hazard or any way degrading they can be controlled," said Cummings.
They say as long as its in a humane way.
"There is several different contractors you can call do that situation, if you are outside the city you can do it yourself," said Cummings.

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