Tipi Village kicks off McMurry University’s homecoming weekend

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The annual Sunset Ceremony took place at Wah Wahtaysee Park at McMurry University, Thursday, kicking off the start of homecoming weekend for students at the university.

The men’s and women’s social clubs were prepared for a Tipi Village, racing to be the club to finish first.

Student body president, Hope Rouse did the honors by shooting the an arrow in the middle of the park.

“When it[the arrow] hits the ground then that is the start of time for those that are racing,” Rouse said.

The clubs did not waste anytime once it hit the ground! Each club represented a Native American tribe and raced against each other to put up their Tipi’s.

The Kosari’s celebrating their 80th homecoming on campus.

“We put up a Tipi in remembrance of Native American culture and everything like that. Our Tipi’s a little older. It’s actually from the 70’s,” Senior Rayce Roberson said.

Rayce Roberson and his club representing the Ogallala tribe and wearing many hats is Hope Rouse, also a member of Gamma Sigma.

“I shot the arrow and that meant time started, so I ran across while Wah Wahtaysee and helped my team put up that Tipi and we finished it in 2:41 seconds, which was good enough to win us Tipi raising,” Rouse said.

Her tribe was the Southern Cheyenne, which beat all of the other clubs by a long shot.

“My social club, we take it pretty seriously. We’ve been practicing since the first Tuesday of school. So, that’s been six weeks. Something like that. Twice a week at least, for about two hours,” Rouse said.

The clubs will be camping out in their dwellings Thursday and Friday nights.

Tipi tours begin Friday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Members of each club will explain the history of their respective tribes.

The tours are open to the public. The university is also expecting a record-breaking 700 elementary students to visit.

Friday the homecoming court will be announced, followed by a pep-rally then a bon fire.

Then on Saturday, the football team will play Jackson, Mississippi’s, Bellhaven University at 12:30 p.m.

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