BUFFALO GAP, Texas (KRBC) – Hundreds of bicyclists took to Buffalo Gap for the 36th annual Tour de Gap, benefiting Abilene’s Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.
Participants were able to ride in either the 11-mile, 27-mile of 100k races, in addition to a timed trial on Sunday up Steamboat Mountain.
The 11-mile ride is known as the fun group, meaning beginners are welcome and so are families of six. 
The Rogers family participated in the 11-mile ride. 
“This is probably ten or eleven in a row, so we just love to do it as a family,” said father, Brandon Rogers.
Before they became parents, Rogers and his wife took up the sport, moving from mountain to road biking. 
“And then, we had kids and we found that it was possible to ride with the kiddos so we brought them along, and thankfully they all seem to like it and enjoy it,” Rogers said. 
Now, the couple is encouraging their kids through exercise and fun. 

“It’s time together,” Rogers said. “It’s time to stay fit, and then it’s also time for us to challenge ourselves and be a part of something you know that’s fun and bigger than ourselves.”
He said he intends on continuing the tradition for years to come. 

“Of course these events are really hard to pass up,” Rogers said. “They’re so much fun. You get part of the bike culture and just hanging out with the community and so we intend to continue to pursue that.”
And, one day the 11-mile may to turn into a different ride. 

“We’re not out to win it, and if some day they’re skills evolve to that point then so be it,” Rogers said.