TSA agents in Abilene receive assistance from Salvation Army amidst shutdown

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – We’ve all walked into Abilene Regional Airport and of course this is where you would get your bags checked as you walk in by TSA workers.
All across the country, those workers who have been forloughed are taking off work, but that’s not the case at Abilene Regional Airport, and now some of the community is stepping up to make sure those workers are getting some help.
D’nette Broyles is a spouse of a TSA worker at Abilene Regional, and says throughout the shutdown, her husband’s spirits have not waivered. 
“I can’t honestly say that I would have the attitude that he’s has, you know, but he’s not complained.” Broyles says. “He obviously hasn’t called in sick just like none of them here have.”
But the couple is trying to adjust without an extra source of income.
“It’s tough watching someone get up every day without complaint, knowing full well they’re not going to get paid.” Broyles says.
The salvation army compensating for the paycheck gap, providing food boxes, hygeine products and Market Street gift cards to furloughed families.
“We’re in this for the duration, and as long as they are suffering and affected, then we are going to be here to stand beside them and help in any way that we can.”
Salvation Army of Abilene Shelley Futrelle adding how providing this aid is unprecendented. 
“When it’s a tornado or hurricane or flooding, we kind of know how to deal with that here in Abilene, but when it affects our families directly as far as financially and their job wise that’s a little bit of a different animal.”
But the orginization will continue to aid these families.
“We are just the band-aid however for what’s going on, but we at least want to be that band-aid until something happens within our government.” Futtrelle says.
And while Broyles says she greatly appreciates the continued assistance from the non-profit, she says to U.S. government officials, enough is enough.
“Get to an agreement, and let’s get this over with. It’s gone on far too long and whatever it is that you’re fighting over just, let’s get it on the table and be mature adults.”

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