SWEETWATER, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – It’s a storm that seems to be continuing for the Rea family despite the sunshine, both of their dogs caught up in a swarm of bees Tuesday evening.

“I noticed that the dogs both had a little swelling around the head and they were real lethargic,” said dog owner Randall Rea.

The family orginally thought it was just a result of the weather, that was until they started examining their girl dog Bentley.

“We got to looking and as we examined her more closely we found bee stingers all in her body,” said Rea.

Both animals were taken to the vet, and while Dr. Jerod Peek says this is the first he’s seen at the East Ridge Veternary Hospital this year, it’s certainly not the first in Sweetwater.

The family found out about 10 blocks down, there was another bee attack around the same time, but this one resulted in the death of one dog.

“The venom of the bees is particular bad because unlike rattlesnake venom we have an anti-venom available for that but the bee sting venom there’s no anti-venom,” said Dr. Peek.

Dr. Peek added the larger problem with situations like this is that they aren’t really preventable.

“That’s the really scary thing is that there’s not, and these attacks come on very suddenly sometimes with little or no notice and something as simple as cranking up your lawn mower is enough to trigger an attack,” said Dr. Peek.

The Rea family now in a waiting game, hoping both can get back up to speed.

“You know they’re part of the family so we worry about them.” said Rae.

As of now one of their dogs Bentley is at home recovering while the other, Oliver remains at the vet.