ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – Carley and Matthew Dodd are serving up a new calling after deciding to leave higher education. The father-son duo bought an ice cream company from Terry Fry out of Sweetwater about a year ago and made it their own. Now they are bringing it to Abilene for people to enjoy.

“We have kind of been an ice cream family our whole lives,” said Carley. 

Carley has been a professor in Abilene for almost 40 years and his son, Matthew almost 20, that is where the name 2 Profs Gourmet Ice Cream comes from. 

“It uses a lot of the same skills and it’s a great opportunity to help and serve others, and I get to work with my dad everyday, so that’s a pretty neat opportunity right there,” said Matthew.

Not being the first time he’s made ice cream with his dad, both remember a time they did it as kids.

“We made ice cream a lot during the summer, homemade ice cream, of course we have that machine back there now. It’s not that grind out kind of machine with salt and ice, but we made it growing up and we always loved summer ice creams,” said Carley.

They are hoping the ice cream will help to bond others in the community like it did for them.

“The chance to create a place and create a space for families to sit down together and enjoy a bowl of ice cream or an ice cream cone together and talk without their phones, without screens and just be able to build relationships,” said Matthew.

Their new Abilene location is on the north side off Hwy 351.

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