FREESTONE COUNTY, Texas (KWKT) – The DPS Trooper Damon Allen was shot and killed on Thanksgiving Day in Freestone County. 

The investigators say Dabrett Black killed the trooper during a traffic stop. 

At that time Black was out on bond for assaulting a Smith County deputy in July. 

Allen’s wife Kasey Allen wants to prevent repeat offenders from killing law enforcement officers. 

She is now working with the Texas Governor Greg Abbott on changing the wording in laws and standardizing bonds across the state. 

In addition, she is involved with the organization called Cops 4 Cops which helps injured officers and families of the fallen officers. 

Although she has been through unthinkable she is not giving up. 

Allen says,” It is horrible and it is terrible but you can take this and make something good out of it, you don’t have to just lay down and die with them. You will never be able to prevent all tragedies it doesn’t matter what you do there will always be tragedy in life it just goes hand in hand.”

But she is not wallowing in grief and feeling sorry for herself. 

“It is not that I am some superhero that my husband died and I pull out my cape that is not the way it works. I have always been a very independent hard headed, strong willed person,” says Allen. 

She wants to make public safety a number one priority when issuing a bond. 
“We need to concentrate on taking care of the bad people. You can do something that will help other people and help prevent this pain from being in someone else’s heart.”

She is also reaching out to other widows of fallen officers. 
“I know exactly what she is feeling I know when she is feeling it I know what she will feel in the future I know what she is going to deal with.”

Allen says Cops 4 Cops depends on public’s help with funding and says every dollar helps. 

You can learn more about this organization by clicking here.