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Witness Describes Officer Involved Shooting

"My initial thought was if those guys are in front of me crouched down i should be doing the same thing," said witness Nathan Thompson.

Nathan Thompson was driving home down I-20 to Midland when he was suddenly stopped by an unmarked patrol vehicle.

"That officer got out of his vehicle and then I noticed several other DPS troopers outside of their vehicles and they were all crouched behind them, guns drawn, so of course we were alerted," said Thompson.

A stones throw away was a man by the eastbound lane, with police guns pointed at him.

"I couldn't tell if he had a fire arm or not. I assume he did by the way the officers were acting. I heard a single shot fired and that gentleman was laying on the ground," said Thompson.

What went through Thompson's head as he witnessed the man fall to the ground?

"My initial thought was helping the guy who had just been shot. He wasn't moving at all and i like i said it was one single shot and he fell so from my experience he probably;y had a catastrophic wound," said Thompson.

Police soon stopped blocking the road and encouraged drivers in the westbound lane to move on.

"I could tell everyone was a little shaken up, lots of people were on their phones," said Thompson.

DPS still has not confirmed who was shot or why.  Texas rangers are currently investigating the incident.


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