Woman’s great-great grandson born on her 100th birthday

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WYOMING, Michigan (WOOD) – A woman’s great-great-grandson was born on her 100th birthday this year. 

Anna Marie Beaty celebrated her 100th birthday at Inspirit Church in Michigan surrounded by family and friends. Although, a few were missing. 

Infant Grayson Kolasse was born on July 26, 2018. Anna Marie Beaty was born on July 26th, 1918. Beaty describes it as an unexpected blessing and said she’s “thrilled to death.”

“When we found out that we were being induced and it was only going to be a couple days away from her birthday… I thought…oh, this is real now,” said Tammy Cash, Grayson’s mother.

At 100-years-old, Beaty is still full of spunk and wit, but mostly, she’s thankful. 

“I mean, I’m blessed to have a family that supports me … and they bring their extra food too, I like that,” said Beaty.

This isn’t the first time family members have shared a birthday in the Beaty family. Anna Marie’s dad, daughter, and great-grandson were all born on Nov. 30, within 110 years to the day. 

“It’s a very, very cool story,” said Kolasse. “It’ll be fun to share with him as he gets older too.”

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