ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – A Wylie Elementary teacher is honoring an Abilene girl who passed away at just 4 years old after a battle with cancer.

Baylee Myers would have been in first grade this year at Wylie Elementary. Baylee passed away in September of 2016 after catching a cold during treatment. Her mother, Stephanie Myers, wanted to donate school supplies to a first grade teacher at Wylie ISD in honor of Baylee. 

“I just wanted to donate them in memory of her because it was just something I could think of to do that would help somebody else, but also honor my daughter,” Stephanie says.

She says Baylee loved school and couldn’t wait to attend one day, but she never got the chance to sit in a real classroom as a student. A friend recommended donating school supplies to Wylie Elementary teacher Sandy Low. The pleasant surprise inspired Mrs. Low to also honor Baylee.

“Stephanie touched my heart,” Low says. “Her story was so amazing and how wonderfully brave she is and the situation that she has gone through in losing a child like that, it touched my heart.”

She dedicated a desk in her classroom to Baylee, giving her a name tag and basket of supplies. Low sent a picture of the desk to Stephanie. 

“I was in my car,” Stephanie says. “I just lost it. Baylee would have loved that. She really loved school. She would say, ‘I’m ready to get out of the hospital so I can go to school.'”

Baylee always had another wish growing up: She wanted a little brother. Stephanie is thrilled with the addition of Noah to her family and knows Baylee would have been a tremendous big sister. 

Mrs. Low says she hopes Baylee and her story will teach her students how precious life is.

“I just hope they learn that life is precious,” she says. “Enjoy each and every day. Coming to school is a wonderful thing. Just enjoy life.”

Some students in Mrs. Low’s class have drawn pictures and left them on Baylee’s desk. Stephanie says she’s thankful for the opportunity to spread awareness about childhood cancer to other children who might one day make a difference.