Man found guilty in sleepwalking murder


HOUSTON (KTRK) — The prosecution called it a Hail Mary defense.

Prosecutors reminding the jury Lazarine was described by his own children as controlling and both verbally and physically abusive to their mom, Debrah Lazarine.

The prosecution called on family, friends and sleep experts to testify.

“So why are we even talking about sleepwalking? Is it because he says he doesn’t remember what he did? There’s no evidence that he even ever went to sleep. This was at 11:30 in the morning,” the prosecutor said.

In their closing arguments, the defense asked the jury to keep an open mind, saying there is still so much that is not known about the brain and what a person is capable of while asleep.

In the end, six years of waiting turned into just 35 minutes of deliberation before the jury returned to the courtroom, finding Lazarine guilty of shooting his wife half a dozen times and killing her.

“We the jury find the defendant Raymond Gene Lazarine guilty of murder as charged in the indictment.”

Sentencing is scheduled to begin Friday.

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