ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Hundreds made their ways out to the Abilene Convention Center Tuesday for the first in-person H.E.B Feast of Sharing event since 2019. Unfortunately, some homebound residents were unable to make it to their hot meal. In response, Meals on Wheels – Abilene partnered with H.E.B to dole out plates of food to those who could not make it.

Larry Fink, Meals on Wheels volunteer, said he spends his free time doing this because he enjoys building relationships with clients.

“It’s a pleasure to be a part of delivering that to them,” Fink said. “They’re grateful, they’re friendly, they’re glad to see you. For some folks, it’s one of the few contacts they have everyday really.”

Through the volunteer opportunity, Fink said he’s been able to form a special bond with one meal delivery recipient.

“There’s a lady that is just real sweet. She almost reminds me of mom in some ways, and she is often at the door waiting, and I like to see that she’s okay,” Fink said warmly. 

However, people who are homebound like this recipient, were unable to join in on H.E.B.’s 18th annual Feast of Sharing. In order to give more people the gift of a holiday meal, Meals on Wheels teamed up with H.E.B. to bring the feast to them.

Amy Stanley, Community Coordinator for H.E.B., told KTAB/KRBC this event makes her feel good, knowing she is helping others.

“We get to go to people’s houses and give them meals that aren’t able to go the convention center,” said Stanley. “This is my first year doing this, so I just love the whole event. I think it’s a great cause.”

Now, Fink’s clients – or, really, his friends – are taken care of, along with others who are homebound.

“These people really need the food they’re getting,” added Fink. “It’s just really nice to know that we’re doing something that really helps people.”

Close to 1,300 meals were delivered on Wednesday, along 89 routes to people who were unable to make it out to the Convention Center.