Medical professionals urge age 40+ patients to get their yearly mammograms


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)– Early detection technology is offered in the Abilene at Hendrick’s Vera West Women’s Center in the form of 3-D mammograms.

Mammography coordinator Denise Camacho has been in her position since the early 1990s. She has seen the technology evolve significantly in the past twenty years, including the amount of radiation emitted.

“You can be out in the sun for a length of time and get more radiation than what you’re going to get from getting your mammogram done.”

Camacho explained the 3-D mammograms at Vera West take multi-layered images which are then assessed by a radiologist to locate anything unusual in the breast tissue.

Most health care professionals recommend patients come in at the age of 40. However, Camacho said all patients should consider their family history of breast cancer, conduct breast self-exams and consult with their primary care physicians.

“I see patients all the time that they had a mammogram last year, and everything is fine, and they had no problems, and then [they] come in this year and they find some little something in the breast,” said Camacho “And they find out it’s a little, small cancer.”

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