MERKEL, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Merkel City Council terminated its city manager Monday evening after sexual assault allegations among others, declaring him unfit.

Cars lined all around Heritage Hall Monday night, all to witness the Merkel City Council’s decision regarding City Manager Steve McKay, after many residents of Merkel have declared he is unfit for his position.

“Tonight I wanted to make sure that I was here because you know, the allegations that are on this man are just, they’re concerning,” announced Merkel resident, Amanda Kleiner.

Mr. McKay’s most troubling accusation is supposed sexual harassment on multiple occasions.

The results of a recent City of Merkel employee satisfaction survey, read aloud at the meeting by a Texas Tech Professor, was alarming.

“On the statement, City Manager McKay respects his female employees, 87% disagree and zero percent agreed,” the professor proclaimed. “City Manager McKay has made sexually inappropriate comments in my presence, 50% agreed with this statement.”

At Monday’s meeting, residents of Merkel asked their city council to do what was right and remove Mr.McKay from his position.

“Take the same reaction as you have for your family for the same citizens and the same employees that you employ in this city or town,” one resident said. “We elected you for a position and for a reason, to represent us.”

I’m hoping that they make the right choice for the citizens that are in an uproar. I’m hoping for him to be let go, gone,” Kleiner added.

After an almost two-hour deliberation, the Merkel City Council had a verdict.

“To place Mr.McKay on administrative leave effective immediately, pursuant to paragraph 6.3 at the city’s agreement with Mr.McKay, to permanently terminate his employment effectively May 17, 2023,” a Councilman announced.

This decision left many residents satisfied.

“The termination, I’m happy with that. It was a good decision,” said Kleiner.

When asked by KTAB/KRBC for any comment, Mr.McKay remained silent and made a swift exit once the decision was announced.