Editor’s Note: A Grand Jury indicted the following suspects on felony charges in Taylor County, Texas, February 7. All individuals named below are considered not guilty unless deemed otherwise in a court of law.

Jacob Jaramillo – Aggravated Assault
Tina Wellmaker – Possession of Methamphetamine, Prohibited Substance in Correctional Facility
Clayton Dallas Woodyard – Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Deliver, Possession of Methamphetamine
Yvonne Christina Rodriguez – Possession of Methamphetamine
Jose Guadalup Alcala – Burglary of Habitation
Jalavion Beaver – Evading Arrest
Jesus Guerra – Burglary of Building
Ronald Matthew Massey – Possession of Methamphetamine
Frank David Mendoza Jr – Tampering with Physical Evidence, Possession of Methamphetamine
Jonathan Isenhower – Possession of Methamphetamine
Shirley Anne Heffernan – Injury to Elderly
Terry Joshua Alan Keen – Theft
Chloe Bree Anne Winner – Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle
Constance Naomi Elgin – Theft of Property
Juma Mateso – Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle
Sean Desrochers – Aggravated Assault
Raun Keefe Hunter – Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Psilocin
Roger Matthew Winchester – Possession of Methamphetamine
Christopher Daniels – Assault Family Violence, Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle
David Baker – Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Deliver
Bruce Everett – Theft Enhanced
Raven Dominique Camacho – Evading Arrest
Rebecca Munoz – Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information, Credit Card Abuse
Ronald Kurt Ballard – Stalking
Jimmy Scott Mitchell – Unauthorized Absence from Community Correction Facility
Jose Barrios Meija – Soliciting Prostitution
Brandon Neely – Murder
Ruben Rosales – Driving While Intoxicated
Courtney Chittum – Driving While Intoxicated with Child
Joe Diaz Ponce – Driving While Intoxicated Enhanced
Barbara June Jones – Possession of Methamphetamine
Brandie Marie Tucker – Possession of Methamphetamine
Samuel Thomas Arberry – Possession of Marihuana
Kirsten Leila Robinson – Possession of Methamphetamine
Leland Crawford White – Possession of Methamphetamine
Ben Richard Olvera – Assault Family Violence
Isaiah Angel Pena
– Evading Arrest
Paul Hendry Arriola – Evading Arrest