Abilene organization Houses for Healing looking to expand


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – An organization in Abilene that provides free temporary housing to those who are receiving medical treatment away from home will soon be expanding.

Houses for Healing gives people from surrounding areas who may be receiving treatment in Abilene a place to stay.

You may have seen the little houses on Hickory Street.

Robert Soto, from Ballinger, is finally going home after being in the hospital for the amputation of his leg.  

“Everybody’s telling me to get a cushion for the wheelchair, and get a cup holder and everything like that, and I was telling them people I don’t want to be in this thing longer than I have to,” says Soto.    

Soto says as he was staying at one of the Houses for Healing homes, healing is exactly what he did there.   

“It’s been a blessing. I mean, I don’t think I would’ve gotten where I am today if it wasn’t for this place,” he says.  

There are four of these tiny houses for people like Soto, but the idea is to have a total of 20, one for each county in the Big Country.

Once the family across the street found out what was being built, he decided to donate his home to provide space for the remaining 16 houses. 

“We moved in here when I was 10 and this was the living room area, now it’s the chapel area,” says Rich Kenney, whose mother and father told him about their plan for the home.

After their passing, he and his siblings decided to follow through in honor of them.   

“Well, it’s very special. With four boys, when we first moved into the house the first thing my dad did was board up this window and board up that door over there so all of us couldn’t escape. We’ve opened everything back up now: doors, windows, and it’s just great,” says Kinney.    

President Bryan Massey says they’re grateful for what the Kinney family did, as now they can continue with their vision.

“People that are staying with us are going through a real difficult time, and we want the church to be with them on the journey as they work to get well again, as they fight for life and health,” says Massey.   

As for Soto, since he has had time to heal, he feels it’s now time for someone else to come and stay.   

“Here I am, I’m going home today and hopefully therapy will get better to where I can get around more and I go back to work,” Soto says. 

If you would like to consider helping in developing the land with water, sewer, and electricity, click here.

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