CALLAHAN COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Several crashes on a particular stretch of road in Callahan County has led to a community petition to lower the speed limit.

Initiating this petition is county resident, Jerry Glover. He said he can recall the scene of wreck he discovered at the intersection of FMs 18 and 603 like it was yesterday. 

“There was a vehicle on fire and one in the intersection,” Glover looked back. “It’s not something that goes away when you walk up and see that.” 

One person lost her life in that crash, and Glover said wrecks like that are ‘constant’ on that stretch of FM 18. More specifically, he said they are constant at the intersection, where a woman got into crashed just last week, initiating conversations about a petition to lower the speed limit. 

“I’ve got a daughter who just started driving, and my worst fear is her driving up and down 18,” shared Glover. 

Glover told KTAB/KRBC plans to bring his petition to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and Congressman Roger William’s office, asking them to do something about the 75 mile per hour speed limit on this road, which he credits to the wrecks. 

“The petition actually covers the entire stretch from Clyde all the way to highway 36,” Glover explained. 

Richard Jordan works at Butterman’s grill, a convenience store just on the corner of the intersection. He said this change would be helpful because since he has worked at that location, he has personally seen six wrecks at that exact spot. 

“The people going up and down this road are going way too fast,” warned Jordan. “Really and truly, even though it’s 75, it’s usually 80 or 85 that people are driving down that road… So, when somebody gets hit it causes a lot of damage to their car.” 

TxDOT said a petition could lead to a speed study, but the best way to request a speed study is via the website.  

If a large number of requests are made, data can be gathered to determine whether or not the speed limit should be changed. 

“Speed limits on Texas highways are set by the 85th percentile method (the speed of the majority of drivers are traveling at or below),” TxDOT’s Alaisha Montanez said. “Findings from speed studies will tell us if the speed should be lowered or even raised in some cases. TxDOT wants to hear from the public regarding issues they think are important, and we welcome input and feedback on our projects and roadways.” 

In the last year, Montanez said three crashes have been recorded at that popular intersection. 

For Glover, this petition is just a start. He said he would make sure something is done. 

“I’ll continue to work on this as long as it takes to get something done out of this,” added Glover. 

Follow this link to learn more about Glover’s petition.