Addison Pyle pictured in a green dress that she wore for picture day at school. (Photo courtesy: Laura Pyle)

KSNF/KODE — The technology behind school photos has come a long way. Gone are the days of standing in front of huge printed backgrounds that have to be swapped to get parents’ desired shots.

Today, photographers usually just take a couple of shots in front of a green screen, adding in mom and dad’s background picks in the editing phase. One Pennsylvania mom was not aware of the new development, leading to some hilarious school photos that she shared with Rachael Ray.

It all started when Laura Pyle wanted her daughter, Addison, to wear her favorite green dress for school picture day. While Addison looks adorable in all the shots, her dress is just green enough to also pick up the green screen backgrounds. The resulting photos show Addison’s dress taking on the chosen backgrounds in each shot.

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In one picture, Addison’s dress takes on the stripes of the American flag. In another, the wheat from the field behind her, appears on her dress.

In a Facebook Post, Pyle said, “She (her daughter) picked a sparky green dress. I didn’t think anything of it… until I received the email with her proofs in it.”

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In a website article published on “Love What Matters,” Pyle had the following to say about her daughter’s school photo blunder:

“On my birthday, I received an email with her school photo preview. I opened it up, hoping to see Addy’s smiling face, excited about how beautiful my little girl would look with her sparkly green dress and the purple background she helped choose.”

Pyle continued, “I immediately dropped my phone, laughing hysterically. I screenshotted a few photos and sent them to my husband — tears streaming down my face from laughter.”

In the published article, she went on to say, “Our school’s photographer uses a green screen. Our little 1st grader was now hilariously blended into every single background, from the regular single-color backgrounds to the scenic views… in one photo, she’s a road!”

In the article, Pyle said “she had never messed up anything so brilliantly.” She continued by saying, “Addy’s photos perfectly fit her ‘Addy-tude’ and our entire family cannot help but laugh over how amazing and hilarious they are.”