‘This is the biggie’: Massive beehive removed from Tennessee house

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — The removal of a giant beehive with roughly 30 feet of honeycomb from a Tennessee home is making the rounds on the internet.

David Glover with Bee Rescue and Removal removed the massive hive at a historic house set to be remodeled in the town of Whiteville.

The heat map of the home looked promising but the actual removal is what led to the discovery.

“This is huge,” Glover said. “This is the biggie. This is the big one.”

Glover said he removed “30 linear feet plus the 15 inches between the studs.”

All of the bees, including the queen were safely taken to a local farm.

“As we were finishing up the removal, another swarm of bees moved in and were trying to move into the house,” Glover said. “So, we were able to capture a second queen in the swarm. So, we left with two complete colonies of bees.”

Glover did point out that it is important to understand how crucial bees are to the environment.

“They’re very important,” Glover said. “Not just to our ecosystem because we like honey but for agriculture. In 2018, that was worth about $29 billion of added agriculture just from the pollination services. So, it’s very important that these bees in people’s houses get put back out on farms.”

Glover says if you find a large amount of bees near your home, call a local beekeepers association or similar group to have them safely removed.

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