RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR/CNN)— It was a chase scene fit for a movie, but it happened in real life and real-time on Facebook Live.

A Virginia couple live-streamed their Uber ride as their driver was involved in a harrowing car chase.

The Uber was involved in a hit-and-run accident, when their driver decided to chase the person who hit him.

“He kept going, that was the scariest moment of my life, I have never been that scared in my life,” said Tameka Swann. “I’m in pain, my whole side hurts.”

John Murray and Tameka Swann hold each other close, after a violent Uber ride through the River City.

“I begged him, I begged that man to please stop,” said Swann.

Murray began to record the Monday night uber trip on Facebook Live.

“We were driving down Chamberlayne and a car rear-ended us. The car didn`t stop behind us, they went around us and sped off, and that`s when our Uber sped off behind him,” said Swann.

The video shows the driver speed down West Broad Street.

“We made it through so many lights without getting hit, and then finally we went through another light,” said Swann.

They plead for the driver to stop before getting hit

“I wasn`t about to grab this guy because of the possibility of hitting other pedestrians,” said Murray.

“The driver won`t let us out, he`s trying to catch the guy because he hit us,” said Swann.

They say the uber driver finally stopped near Hermitage and Marshall.

“I thank God we are still here,” said Murray.

A ride they’ll never hail again.

“I send my kids in Uber sometimes, but never again,” said Swann.

The Uber passengers say they suffered minor bruises and were checked out at the hospital.

A spokesperson with Uber said they are also investigating the ride.

An Uber spokeswoman said they have removed the driver from the app while they investigate.

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