ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — Many people don’t know, but there’s a gem in Eastland off of Interstate 20: a natural spring. 

The Williams family have owned the land for 2 decades. It’s called the Inez Spring Riverfront Park. 

“Everybody that comes out here thinks it’s pretty cool,” said Sam Williams, owner.  

They recently started sharing with the public. 

“We hadn’t had this plan at first,” said Williams. “As a result of last year’s attendance and popularity, we decided, well we could afford to make some improvements, we’ve probably put half a million dollars of improvements since last year’s season.”  

They wanted the new improvements to be ready for Memorial Day weekend. 

“We had a big setback with the flood,” said Williams. 

The flood brought nearly 7 feet of water, so now they plan to open for the Fourth of July weekend. 

“It’s pretty important, because we’re losing our season if we don’t get open, then we’ll probably be open through September,” said Williams. 

Last year they had nearly 18,000 people come visit. 

“We’re finishing up the concrete work, hardened all the sides, we just put all the new cement and pool rim around,” said Williams. 

Now they are hoping even more people will enjoy the new improvements.