BLANKET Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Gayla and Bobby Locks bought a 5 acre plot of land in 2011 and began clearing it to build their dream home.

Upon venturing further into the numerous foliage and briars they found a towering oak tree deep within the plot. A tree that had been growing since the early 1700s.

“No telling who has camped under that tree, used it for a landmark the wildlife that has used that tree… Sad to lose that much history.” Said Bobby.

Oak tree (left) in the Locks backyard in 2012

The couple designed their back yard with the Oak tree as the crown jewel of the landscape.

“Anybody that came, they would ooh and ahh. And it would just make me feel proud like a proud mother you know?” Says Gayla.

It was Monday May 17th that a particularly strong gust of wind came in with the storm and took the tree out of it’s centuries old resting spot.

“It was not even in slow motion, it was instant and within 45 seconds it was calm” Says Bobby.

Though they are saddened by the loss of their well loved tree, the Locks are glad it wasn’t any worse.

“I mean we’re really fortunate, what if we had family out? what if my grandsons were on that play set” Said Gayla.

Even so, years of care taking and maintenance have formed a familial bond between the Locks and their tree.

“You care for it like a child, putting a band aid on a knee and to see it like this, no band aid’s gonna help….they don’t make them like that anymore, you don’t see them very often” Says Gayla.

The Locks couldn’t stand the thought of the tree being chipped up like any other debris. As such they are searching for people interested in making something meaningful and long lasting out of the trunk and branches. To honor the long history of this Texas giant.

Interested parties can reach Bobby locks at (325) 203-0038.