The number of women in prison is reportedly increasing at a dramatic rate which is why an Abilene non-profit organization is working to help women who have served their time to pursue a better path. According to the “Sentencing Project,” from 1980 to 2010, the number of women in prison has increased by 646 percent. New Beginnings is having its annual garage sale fundraiser this week to keep their program going.

They currently have four homes in Abilene where they can house 35 women.

This program is a non-profit so they receive no money from the state which is why fundraisers and donations are they only way they state afloat.

The garage sale is taking place at 1818 Sayles Blvd. from 7am to 6pm through this Friday April 22nd.

Founder and Executive Director Missy Denard started this faith-based ministry six years ago and she says her job is very rewarding.

“Just seeing the women when they come,” Denard said,  “they’re hardened and they have no trust for anybody and seeing them learn what true love is and to know the love of Jesus and that they’re worthy to change, they’re worthy to have a good life. A lot of them, they don’t feel like they’re worthy of it so they kind of self sabotage and just seeing their lives changed and transformed it makes all the hard days worth it.”