ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Friday morning investigation into a burglary at the Abilene Animal Services building resulted in the release of multiple dogs, harming several and killing one. The suspect, George Jones, 38, of Abilene was arrested that afternoon. Through weekend police reports, it was discovered that officers were able to locate the culprit through a very importance piece of evidence he left behind.

According to Abilene Police Department’s (APD) arrest report of Jones, while investigating the burglary at the animal shelter in the 900 block of South 25th Street, an officer discovered that one of the shelter’s work vans were also stolen.

The 2017 Ford Transit was found in the area of North 3rd and Bois D’Arc Streets, about three miles away from Abilene Animal Service.

When an officer found the van, they also found a wallet belonging to one George Jones, complete with a photo ID. However, police noted that when they got to the van to investigate, which was reported as an abandoned vehicle, the wallet was nowhere to be found.

Police set up a search in the area to find Jones, who had to be nearby. He was found sometime later, walking near a vacant building on the road. Police said Jones identified himself, then he was arrested.

During a routine search, police reported to finding a key to the van on Jones’ person.

Per his arrest report, Jones eventually confessed to breaking into the animal shelter, letting animals out of their cages, stealing the shelter van and breaking into the vacant AEP building.

George Jones was charged with Burglary of Building, Theft of Motor Vehicle and Animal Cruelty – because some dogs were attacked because they were released from their kennels.