ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Pour House has only been open in downtown Abilene since December 24th of 2021, but the business has already made an impact in the Big Country. And it’s just the beginning.

Bartender at The Pour House, Jeremiah Niles says “It’s been busy, especially with our soft opening, we got a lot more than we expected, keeping us on our toes and it’s just been a really good learning experience.”

Niles explained that with the busyness of the new establishment, there were a few challenges along the way.

“There’s been a couple hiccups, just trying to figure things out, testing the waters, especially with the first few days we were open it was just so busy, a lot of trial and error,” Niles said.

It’s something Tim Smith has experienced while opening businesses several times before, and as he has lately been preparing to open a patio bar in downtown Abilene.

“This will be the future home of Peacock Patio, it’ll be a new bar concept, mostly great outdoor space and seating. What you see here is the plumbing for a large 40-foot fountain that will have a back wall with water coming off into the reservoir,” Smith exhibited.

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Smith explained that while they are in the construction stage, he hopes to open the doors this coming May. Saturday Abilenians can find Coots Piano Bar open for business at 2074 Butternut Street.

With a new hotel also coming to Abilene, local bar owners have high hopes for future business.

“With the new hotel coming in, that’s really the reason we purchased this property and invested here,” Smith said.

Director of Emerging Business at the Abilene Industrial Foundation, Brent Schroeder, said he often sees a lot of potential for these new additions to the city.

“That bar is going to be maybe a block from the new hotel, so as visitors come into downtown from outside of Abilene, maybe they’re looking for something to do in the evening or night time,” Schroeder said. “That’ll be one of the venues that they can check out.”