ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The planning and zoning commission are recommending a zoning change for new housing and other developments on land near West Lake Road, heading out to Lake Fort Phantom. Some residents in the area are voicing their concerns, worried they might lose what they call home.

Courtesy of the City of Abilene

Willie Talamantez, resident of Pleasant Homes Mobile Community since 1986, said the place was a lot more empty than it is now. Talamantez explained that the lot consisted of only him and one other mobile home. Now, there are over 100 mobile homes, and he said when more people began moving in, “They started raising prices on rent and water.” 

Now, he is concerned about another increase in price with the possibility of new developments being put on the property around this mobile home park. 

These developments were presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission to change the zone from Agricultural Open, to Planned Development District so that it can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Courtesy of the City of Abilene

However, many people voiced their concerns during this meeting, including resident Steve Price, who said this park is low-income, and he is worried the land will be purchased and residents will be forced to move out. 

“And then you got higher taxes, higher rates and we can barely afford what we got now. . . I get $811 a month, $9,000 a year,” Price explained. 

Price explained that it would cost him $14,000 to move his mobile home. 

Christina Loya, who moved here just two weeks ago, said she is concerned it will bring in too much traffic. 

“It’s going to be sad just because I like to watch the storms out at night over here where it’s peace and quiet,” said Loya. 

Cory Dulin, a representative for the developer at a meeting, addressed some of these concerns by saying the zoning change would not raise the property tax. 

“Any zoning that we do does not affect any tax rates. . . Our proposal for this is for affordable housing,” said Dulin. 

However, many of the residents in the area are still concerned. 

One resident said, “I love this town. We don’t want to leave it because of someone who wants to build more that we can’t afford.” 

This item will be placed on the city council’s agenda in the next few weeks, and it will be brought before them twice before a decision is made.