EASTLAND, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As Eastland County residents continue to push on and recover from recent wildfires, federal help was newly introduced, by way of the United States Small Business Administration (SBA).

“The program is designed to support the infrastructure of the community in such a way that businesses, homeowners and renters feel like they have a good reason to stay and continue to rebuild,” Darryl Kregger, with SBA, said.

With Interest rates below the national average and deferments in place, SBA spokesperson, Yolanda Stokes, told KTAB/KRBC they hope to be of assistance to any and all in need.

“We are providing low interest disaster loans,” Stokes explained. “Not only to businesses, but to homeowners, to renters, private non profits and businesses of all sizes.”

With the goal of getting Eastland County running smoothly again, these loans are meant to ease the burden brought on by the Eastland Compex fires- both physical and financial.

“We want businesses to know; you don’t have to have structure damage,” Stokes reached out. “If you were impacted financially, loss of revenue… Please come see us.”

To see what kinds of loans are offered, visit the SBA in Eastland, at 1310 East Main Street. You can also click here to visit them online.