Baird, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) A family of seven is picking up the pieces after a fire broke out in their home. The homeowner, Edward Underwood, said the fire started in a back bedroom due to faulty electrical wiring. He shared that he was in the kitchen when he started seeing smoke coming from the back of the house.  

“I seen the smoke. That’s when I told my wife to grab the kids and run outside,” Underwood recalled.  

The family rushed out as their home went up in flames. Some pets were stuck inside, so Underwood broke through the back door to get them out.

“I was trying to get in to get the rest of the animals out, but it was filled with so much smoke and everything when I busted it and got it open. Nothing but smoke is all you could see,” Underwood explained. 

They had seven dogs and three cats, but unfortunately, two of their dogs and one cat did not survive the fire.  

“The other dog, we named Amber, she was the second dog that died, but the cat I kept taking out of the bathroom. [I] tried getting her to run this way, but she kept running back to the bathroom,” expressed Underwood.

The family is currently staying in a hotel while they continue to sort through what is salvageable from the home. They are receiving help from The Red Cross, neighbors and friends. 

The family who lived there consists of Mr. and Mrs. Underwood, their daughter, their son and his girlfriend, plus two grandsons, ages five and seven.

If you would like to help the family, you can text (325) 794-7072 to find out what they need and where to drop items off.