ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Some Abilenians have noticed a lot of trash throughout the Key City, and reached out to KTAB/KRBC or post about this topic on their social media. One Facebook post about it gained a lot of attention, with many people agreeing that the trash problem has gotten out of hand. 

KTAB/KRBC reached out to the city’s solid waste department to learn about why this is happening. Randy Bailey, the Division Manager for Abilene’s Solid Waste Services, explained that this is the worst season for trash every year. 

“Everybody has wrapping paper and things like that. It seems to create more trash this time of year,” Bailey explained.

However, Bailey said the reason there is so much trash being seen really comes down to one thing: 

“Not disposing of it properly. That’s the problem,” he said. 

Bailey mentioned that the routes the drivers go on is fit into a very tight schedule. They must get their route done during the day, and on one route, there is around 1,400 to 1,500 stops. Due to this, they do not always have time to pick up the extra trash that falls out. 

The trash seen by highways in Abilene is taken care of by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), and Alaisha Montanez, Public Information Officer, sent the following statement:  

“The time of year and the weather also contribute to the amount of littering. The holiday season brings more folks to town which increases littering and trash in general and mixed with the windy weather we’ve seen as of late, these loose items accumulate along our roadways in the ditches and along concrete barriers.” 

Bailey said this will only get worse if people don’t bag and tie their trash, tarp their trailers and also make sure their dumpster is not overfilled. 

“When you overfill the dumpster, the truck goes to empty it and it creates a mess,” Bailey explained. 

One way to prevent overfilling dumpsters is by recycling. Jason Day, Supervisor for Abilene’s recycling services, explained that cardboard is the main thing that usually needs to be recycled during the holidays. 

“We have takers for aluminum, bi metals – which is any other metal besides aluminum – and cardboard,” said Day. “It saves landfill space, and it can save space inside your regular cans.”

For a map of all recycling drop-off centers, click here.

Paint, oil and batteries can be recycled at the Environmental Recycling Center at 2209 Oak Street. 

Day also said if you don’t know how to dispose of your real Christmas tree this season, you can drop it off at the Abilene Brush Center. 

Both Bailey and Day are just pushing for one thing: Keep the city of Abilene beautiful.