ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — A national organization is working to make life easier for an Abilene boy suffering from a terminal disease.

Doctors diagnosed Miller with Leigh Syndrome when he was just 15 months old.

“Leigh’s is a mitochondrial disease. The mitochondria cells are not producing energy sufficiently to sustain the body, so eventually the energy source runs out,” says Jacque Thweatt, Miller’s mom.

For months Jacque and her husband were left with more questions than answers.

“We didn’t have any idea that our son’s life would be shorter or harder or different,” Jacque says.

Life expectancy for a child with Leigh’s is 2 to 3 years.

“As a parent, it’s just the worst news you could ever receive,” she says.

Doctors say Miller is showing remarkable signs of progress.

“He’s a typical 3 year old. He wants to run and play, we just don’t have the room for that,” Jacque says.

The group “Go Shout Love” is raising money to make Miller’s home more accessible.

“The idea is that we would have ramps going from the front yard to the backyard,” Jacque says.

“Go Shout Love” dedicated proceeds from the entire month of February to Miller.

“We say that he’s facing a Goliath, but he’s David and he can take it on. So they used that and designed the shirt with a sling shot. It says, ‘see beyond the giant,'” she says.

Saturday is the last day to participate in the fundraiser.

You can make donations at: https://goshout.love/.