BIG COUNTRY, Texas (BIGCOUNTRYHOMEPAGE) – News Director Manny Diaz spoke with House Budget Chairman and District 19 Congressman Jodey Arrington about the debt ceiling crisis and House Bill 2811.

Arrington introduced House Bill 2811, the Limit, Save, Grow Act, on Tuesday in an effort to combat the lifting of the debt ceiling. Republicans want the debt ceiling but say Democrats are wanting to spend more than what is appropriate. Arrington said for the average West Texan, the bill will help the cost of living.

“It means that we will start to extinguish the flames of the cost of living crisis created by reckless spending politicians,” Arrington explained. “Coming out of Covid there’s a lot of waste, there a lot of woke, there’s a lot of unnecessary spending and we need to rightsize the people’s government.”

Arrington added that while the U.S. slides into a downward recession, this bill can help in getting out of the recession and shared his ideas for tackling this issue.

“If we unleash American energy, if we reign in this unprecedented barrage of regulation from this administration, and if we simply require able-bodied adults to work who are receiving public assistance,” Arrington said. “We won’t have the labor shortage, we can start to recover as a county and we can put our nation on a path to prosperity.”

The U.S. Government has defaulted on its debt four times in the history of the nation. Arrington said the debt ceiling can be adapted within reason.

“We can lift the debt ceiling, we can pay our bills and we should. We should protect the good faith and credit of the United States, but we should also protect the future of our country and our children’s future in this country by putting common sense spending controls in place,” Arrington advised.

He shared that some of these controls are in place and they are waiting on the Biden administration and Democrats to propose their solution, but have yet to receive an answer.

“If the democrats don’t respond with a responsible debt ceiling… then they are jeopardizing risk to markets for sure and they are also jeopardizing funding the government,” Arrington said.

Arington added that the U.S. has a trillion-and-a-half-dollar deficit between what the U.S. spends and what it makes.

“We have to prioritize paying our creditors first, just like our parents and grandparents taught us, and then we have to pay the bills for this big government, that has grown by the way by 40% since 2019,” added Arrington.

He further added that there would still be pay for the military, medicare, social security, and veterans, but some of the money spent by the government is ‘unnecessary and wasteful.’

Arington said the most vulnerable people in this crisis are children and grandchildren.

“They’re going to inherit the highest level of indebtedness this country has ever known, 31 trillion dollars. Over 125% debt to GDP. Totally unacceptable and totally irresponsible,” Arrington expressed.

Some Senate Democrats are calling this bill dead on arrival, but Arrington said this can heavily affect future generations.

“Our children’s future will be dead on their arrival. When they try to start their families, pursue their dreams, make a living, they won’t be able to. When the taxes have to be raised so high they will have nothing,” Arrington.

He said that with this large debt, aid from other places could become slim, there could be food shortages, debt that affects the military and protection and much more.