Paranormal Investigator Searches Fort Phantom Hill for Lingering Spirits


Fort Phantom Hill is known for its history and maybe now, for its lingering spirits. Paranormal investigator, Jimmy Morris, made his way to the ruins at Fort Phantom Hill Saturday night to investigate. 

Before making his way to any site, Morris said he researches the history of the location. When he researched Fort Phantom Hill, he knew he wanted to try to communicate with any spirits that may still be on the grounds. Morris said that during his research he learned that many soldiers stationed at Fort Phantom Hill were “miserable,” and spirits generally lurk in a place they were happiest or the most miserable.
“We’re here to try to figure out who’s here and why they’re here and if there’s anything we can do for them,” Morris said.
Morris packed his equipment and headed to the site. With Saturday’s full moon, Morris said that “the electromagnetic field is a lot stronger.”
Once at the forts, Morris said he was confident he and his team would be able to communicate with a spirit, especially being near Lake Fort Phantom.
“When you’re dealing with large bodies of water,” Morris said. “There always tends to be some type of spirit that runs around.”
Morris and his team follow a set of procedures before starting any sessions. One key part of the procedure is quiet time.
“We’re kind of letting anything that’s around, any spirit that’s around, an opportunity to settle,” Morris explained.
After quiet time, the team sets up. Morris uses a variety of tools, including ghost boxes, frequency meters, and an iPhone app that makes out words that spirits are communicating. When the session begins, the spirit is asked to acknowledge its presence by saying “hello.” That response comes through clearly. The spirit is then asked to state its name. The name ‘Denis’ comes through twice. Morris then asks if Denis was a soldier on the grounds, but no response was given. Right after Morris ends the session, the word “housewife” appears on his iPhone app.
During another session the word “scissors” appears. The spirit even closes the session by saying “bye.” Morris also asked a spirit in a later session of the soldiers played baseball at the fort. His device indicated the spirit replied by saying “baseball.”
If there are spirits hanging around Fort Phantom Hill, Morris said he knows why they’re there.
“They’re here because this is home,” Morris said. “It’s the same reason why spirits haunt houses; because that was their home. This was home to a lot of people.”
Morris will be working on the conclusions from the investigation and sharing them with KTAB/KRBC in the coming weeks.

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