ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A new school zone may be placed in front of Wylie East Intermediate School, making drivers slow down to 35 miles per hour (MPH) if Abilene City Council approves it on Thursday. 

Some area residents, like Jennifer Gonzalez, said they were thankful that this is being considered. Gonzalez said she moved to the neighborhood four years ago, and didn’t notice a problem on Oldham Lane right in front of her home until last year. 

“People are driving really, really fast… I think this road, since it’s a straightaway and there isn’t anything to slow them down, they go way over 55,” Gonzalez said.

Since the new Wylie school was built last year, Gonzalez said it’s brought in more traffic to the area, some people hitting her mailbox or fence across the street. 

“Last year, there was even a school bus accident right here,” she explained.

Some drivers aren’t used to a new school being there, but if city council approves it, they will have to get used to slowing down. The new school zone will be brought up before city council for final approval Thursday, August 11.

“We’re thrilled about these improvements being brought to us,” said Wylie ISD Superintendent Joey Light. 

“One of the things, people forget, is that it wasn’t very long ago that Wylie was pretty rural,” said Superintendent Light. Since it has grown, he said he’s wanted more school zones, but it is not up to the school to make that decision. 

“The State, the County, and the City are all having to work together, and we appreciate everybody’s help,” Superintendent Light praised. 

Jennifer Gonzalez said she hopes the zoning does get approved to help better the area, “It is a new school, so I think they’re just not used to needing to slow down.” 

Wylie is also having other school zones expanded, and other school districts will be facing changes to their school zone speeds, as well. Click here for more information on all of the changes coming to school zones.