TUSCOLA, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – Most think of Texas as a ‘dry’ state, but a new petition out of Tuscola wants to give Taylor County residents the option to legally turn the small town a little damper.

In a release from Texas Petition Strategies, the organization teamed up with local business owners to add to the November 8 ballot: The legal sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption.

With about 10 different versions of legal alcohol sales, most of Texas is labeled as damp. Wet, damp and dry refer to the types of alcohol sold – beer, wine or liquor – and whether or not drinking said alcohol is allowed on or off the property of wherever it’s being sold.

According to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), Texas has its set alcohol laws regulated statewide, but voters do decide the types of alcohol sold – within counties, cities or justice of the peace precincts.

While Buffalo Gap and Tuscola are approved to sell alcohol, there happens to not be record of election in Taylor County’s Justice Precinct 3 (JP 3). Because of that, outside of those cities limits, they are prohibited from selling alcohol.

Just recently, some local business leaders teamed up in the effort to change that – allowing the entirety of JP 3 to have equal laws in the rights of off-premise alcohol sales.

“’We are building a multi-million dollar convenience and retail store complex, creating more than 26 local jobs,’ noted Dale Rankin, spokesman for the Bowie’s Tuscola Investment group. ‘People in the community are excited about having more retail choices in this part of the county. But our ability to provide our customers with the same level of products and services is important, which is why we ask the voters to approve this change in alcohol sales law.'” 

The State of Texas requires about 800 signatures on a petition to add the issue to the November 8 ballot. Should enough signatures of Taylor County JP 3 voters be gathered by the July 15 deadline, you can expect to cast your vote: yea or nay.

Rankin told BigCountryHomepage petitioners have actively been knocking on doors, campaigning for Tuscola voters to sign the petition. He said petitioners are also set up at the Family Dollar store in Tuscola, located at 4550 US-83, where you may sign the petition.

So far, petitioners have gathered about half of its required signatures.