ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Every year, Scholastic Book Fairs makes its rounds to each school across the country, but not every student has the money to buy something. While some families are unable to find the extra cash to give to their students, one Abilene mom wants to change things so that every student can get at least one thing from the book fair.

Misty Colmery with daughter (Shared by Colmery Sept. 20, 2022)

Misty Colmery has a nine-year-old daughter who is a Wylie ISD student. Colmery told KTAB/KRBC the feeling and hardship of not having money to give your child is one that is all too familiar.

“There was a time, for one year, where I had people at my work help me,” Colmery revealed. “My car broke down, my coworkers helped me… My daughters were given Christmas presents by friends… Like, I know how that feels.”

Colmery said her daughter told her about some of her friends being upset that they weren’t able to buy anything at book fairs in the past, “That made me sad that not all the kids could get one.”

From those pleas, Colmery said she felt a call-to-action; a need to make a difference. She started out with a simple Facebook post about raising money.

This local mom asked the community and local businesses to help her reach her goal of ensuring funds are available so each student at Wylie and Abilene ISDs can buy their own book. 

“We’re hoping that every kid gets to go home with something from the book fair, that they got to choose out,” Colmery explained. 

A few local businesses have already teamed up with this Wylie mom, including Angela Degering, a local realtor who is donating. 

“I remember as a child, every year when the book fair would come around, just being super excited,” Degering recalled.

Reflecting on that memory, Degering said Colmery’s call for change struck something in her, causing her to want to be a part of this mission. She said it will take other businesses, as well as individuals, donating to really make a difference. 

“I would encourage anyone who has the ability to make a donation,” Angela urged. 

Colmery said she will give the money to the schools for them to decide which students need book money. There is time to raise plenty of money, as the scholastic book fair makes its rounds through campuses. 

“It’s not super expensive, so anything helps,” Colmery implored. “Like $5.00, you would spend for a drink.”

Through fundraising events, Colmery told KTAB/KRBC she hopes to raise more than enough for each child to have a book of their own. One event example was a yoga brunch for moms. She said she’ll keep all updated on that event, as well as future events, on her Facebook page.

To donate now, call Abilene’s State Farm Insurance Agency at (325) 692-0408 and just let them know you want to donate to the book fair project.

For dates that Scholastic Book Fair will visit your students’ school, click here. The next book fair in the area, at either Wylie or Abilene ISDs, will be at Wylie East Intermediate School on Monday, October 3 through Friday, October 7.