MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – The Midland Police Department (MPD) held a news conference Thursday to update the community about a case involving a teen with disabilities who was found last weekend. The search for the boy’s family has garnered nationwide attention.

Midland officers found the non-verbal young man Sunday, January 29, walking alone in an alley in the area of Ward Street and Shandon Avenue. Police said he’s now believed to be between 15 and 20 years old. Officers were unable to accurately identify him.

It’s been a mystery as to how the boy ended up in Midland. Detectives said he could be from another area, or even another state. Police said he could have been wandering around alone for any amount of time before being found. They also said they believe that he picked up the helmet and the toys he was holding when he was found along his journey.

Once in police custody, investigators posted a photo of the teen to Facebook, hoping someone in the community might recognize him. Despite thousands of shares on social media, the boy’s family has still not been identified. 

MPD said it has followed up on multiple tips generated by its social media post, to no avail, and the unidentified teen has been safe in the care of Child Protective Services (CPS) since he was found. He’s said to be in good health overall and is adjusting to his new environment.

On Tuesday, January 31, detectives met with the young man to collect his fingerprints and DNA. At that time, investigators asked the boy to write his name down. He reportedly wrote the name “Cordarius” multiple times. 

MPD said officers have searched missing persons databases looking for a child matching the boy’s description and presumed name, but has not yet found a match.

One theory on social media is that the teen found in Midland is a boy named Adjir, who went missing from Florida 14 years ago.

Investigators said they are aware of that missing child, who would now be 19, and said that determination would have to wait on DNA results to compare the two cases. The sample collected earlier in the week will be sent to Dallas, and information processing can take several weeks to compare.

As of Thursday, MPD is still asking everyone to continue to share what we know of the young man’s story, in hopes that someone might recognize him. That way, detectives said relatives in other states could come forward, or perhaps even a former neighbor might reach out with a little bit of information.

If any family is ever identified, MPD said it is possible a caregiver might face criminal charges, such as Injury to a Child or Endangering a Child, simply because no one has come forward to report him missing. But that is not the main focus of the investigation at this time. Detectives made it clear that they just want answers, and want to reunite the boy with his loved ones.

“Please keep sharing his story,” MPD said.

If investigators cannot find any relatives, the young man may become a permanent ward of the State, but investigators are hopeful that won’t happen.