Police warn residents of funeral thieves


HOUSTON (KTRK) — Police say two thieves in Texas chose dead people for their victims.

The two women reportedly not only stole a dead person’s car on the day of his funeral, but they may have targeted the property of other people who recently passed away.

Memorial Villages PD sifted through a stolen car, finding mail, jewelry, and bolt cutters, but that was just the beginning

“We found out these two suspects were involved in stealing a vehicle from a deceased person, during the day of the funeral. During that, we’ve uncovered they were involved in the burglary or the possession of stolen items when they went and sold them at a shop in Katy,” says Detective Christopher Rodriguez, Memorial Villages Police.

But here’s what’s especially alarming that was also found in the vehicle: a list full of people’s names, dates of birth and relatives of people who had recently died.

“That ledger of people who have recently passed away with names and addresses, and that’s what allowed our detectives to take that list and find out these criminals were not just driving around in a stolen car, they were actually most likely committing other burglaries,” says Chief Ray Schultz, Memorial Villages Police.

25-year-old Sage Grider is charged with stealing the vehicle and police say 27-year-old Adrianne Hart was also in the vehicle.

She, along with Grider, face a mail theft charge, but more charges are pending.

“In the middle of an event like this, something that’s very personal, a funeral, to have someone go in and attack that family unit, and victimize someone who has recently passed away is very, very disturbing,” Chief Schultz says.

Police say that given all this, it may be a good idea for homeowners to have someone watch their house when they go to a family event or funeral.

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