STAMFORD, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- The race for Stamford City Council Place 2 took an unexpected stall when only 21 voters showed up to cast a ballot. Their result? A three way tie with candidates Morgan Campbell, Katherine Bushart, and Jay Webb each receiving 7 votes.

“So we knew it was going to be a low turnout, but I don’t think we expected a 3 way tie,” said Stamford Mayor James Decker.

Upon consulting the State Legislature, city staff found that a runoff vote was only an option between two candidates. They suggested that the candidates draw cards to decide which two would face each other in a second election.

Webb, Bushart, and Campbell hold up their cards

“But the candidates said, ‘hey we want to do the best interests of the citizens lets just draw it and settle it and be done with it next week’,” Decker explained.

But the candidates elected to skip the second election all together, but they did keep the card drawing, letting the high card decide who would get the city council chair.

“If somebody’s gonna be out over a drawing of the cards, we might as well find out who the winner is,” said Campbell.

City Manager Alan Plumlee acted as dealer, laying nine cards face down on the table of council chambers as the town watched each candidate chose their card. It was the 8 of diamonds that put Kathrine Bushart in power.

“I think they were all great candidates, and my door is gonna have an open door policy for anybody that has any issues they want to bring to the forefront,” Bushart told KTAB/KRBC.

Bushart sits in the place 2 chair with her 8 of diamonds

“All three of them would make quality city council members, and I hate that one of you has to win but it’s pure random and pure luck of the draw here,” said Decker.

Bushart added that this win came at a good time in her life, having just lost her home and all her possessions to a fire. Though she did not want for long as she says the community rallied and saw to her families needs immediately. The same kind of neighborly spirit she hopes to show the citizens in her new position.