House democrats reveal a new plan to lower prescription plans


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Republicans on Capitol Hill are reacting to a new House Democratic plan to lower prescription drug prices. Hours after Speaker Pelosi unveiled the plan, members of the GOP were calling the deal- dead.

“Many Democrats don’t even know what’s in it,” Rep. Steve Scalise, (R-LA) said.

House Republicans fired back on Friday at a new proposal by Democratic House Speaker Nancy

“We want a solution in Congress and we want it now,” Pelosi said.

On Thursday Pelosi and a group of Democratic lawmakers unveiled their long-promised bill known as HR3.

The bill calls for the federal government to cap the cost of some prescription drugs. It would negotiate drug prices on at least 25 of the most expensive drugs that don’t have generic versions.

Leigh Purivs with AARP said that the high cost of drugs is pushing more Americans to lower their dosage without asking their doctor.

“When you’re not taking your drug as prescribed it’s not working the way it should and that could lead to some serious health problems in the future,” Purivs said.

President Trump tweeted what seemed to be support for Pelosi’s plan. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was less encouraging he says Pelosi’s plan is DOA in the Senate.

The bill is also facing some strong opposition from the drug industry.

Jenny Bryant is with the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America which says the plan would end the current market-based system.

“They would do things tie prices to foreign prices or invite the government to intervene in ways that are really dramatic and restrict patient access to medicine and you don’t need to do that,” Bryant said.

Bryant says there are plenty of commonsense bipartisan solutions Congress should be starting with.

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