ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As organizers gear up for the inaugural season of semi-professional baseball in Abilene, they are asking the community to help give the team a name.

Four names have been proposed by the community to name the new baseball team that will play in the Mid-American League at the McMurry baseball field in Abilene. These names are the Red Dogs, Yodel Dogs, Flying Bison, and Space Bison. Scott Kirk, one of the team organizers, shared that since the team’s announcement, he has seen a lot of excitement within the community.

“I’ve got to admit. It’s been really overwhelming, gratifying, and humbling to know that people want this to come back,” Kirk shared. “We want the public to buy into this team… it’s as much their team as it is ours. It’s their team, and so we want them to be involved in this process.”

The team has partnered with McMurry University to use Walt Driggers Field for their games. While alcohol is not allowed, the organizers are committed to providing a fun experience for all attendees.

“It’s a McMurry decision. It’s their stadium, and I respect any decision made in regard to that,” Kirk said. “Regardless of what happens here, we’re going to have a fun season out here. We’re going to have a lot of stuff for the fans to have and to enjoy.”

Although he could not reveal all the details yet, Kirk shared there will be dancing, singing, and kids games at Abilene baseball games this summer.

“If you come out here, you’re going to have a good time. Be prepared for that,” Kirk added.

The team will be known as the Abilene Blue Socks during home games on Thursdays, although the primary name is still up for voting.

Here’s your chance to cast your unofficial vote with BigCountryHomepage.com!

Once all the votes are counted, the team’s new name and logo will be revealed. To cast your official vote, click here to go to the survey or shoot an email to the organizers. From there, you will receive a survey where you can rank each possible team name from one to four, with one being your top choice. Voting will remain open through November 24.