ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – You may have heard a saying to the affect of love has no age limit. For a 96-year-old Abilene woman, this rings true for her love of dogs. When she has enough strength, she uses that hardiness to visit the animal shelter and give the dogs some treats. 

Dot Sellers has always had a love for dogs, but one special dog comes to her mind instantly – her best friend Rascal. As she says, “When a dog is loved right, they will love you and protect you.”

Sadly, Rascal passed away almost 25 years ago. To this day, though, Sellers says she misses him.

“He was a special dog, too. I had him for 13 years,” Sellers said. 

Rascal left such a big mark on Sellers’ life that when she thought about her funeral plans, she included him, “I’m going to be buried with him… He’s going to be put on my casket.”

At 96 years old, Sellers said she is not able to take care of another dog. She is only able to take care of her parakeets – Ben, Bob, and Betty. Because of this, she goes to the animal shelter on days when she feels good enough to leave the house. 

“All dogs are special – every breed – and they can be taught to do anything,” advocated Sellers. 

Even though the animal shelter gets lots of visitors, executive director of All Kind, Molly Moser, told KTAB/KRBC just how unique Sellers’ visits are.

“Dot has a big heart,” Moser gleamed. “A 96-year-old coming in? That is a record for sure.” 

Something as simple as feeding the dogs helps with All Kind’s overall initiative, Moser included, “It just helps the staff to have people come in and love on the animals in our care.” 

Although Sellers wants to go back soon, she doesn’t know if she will get to. So, she wanted to encourage others to go in her place, if she can’t go back. 

“All they have to do is go in there and see them, and I don’t see how they can walk out without one… Every dog is special,” said Sellers. 

All Kind said the shelter is in need of volunteers. One perk of volunteering is visiting the dogs, but Moser added that the initiative is to get all their four-legged guests adopted out into caring homes.

In the shelter, there has been a recent outbreak of a highly contagious and dangerous disease affecting the animals called distemper. The staff is urging everyone to vaccinate their animals. 

Some dogs have had to be euthanized because of distemper, which causes severe illness. 

The virus, Moser explained, typically comes from within the community. Dogs who are vaccinated have been able to respond well to the illness.

“It is a highly contagious and lethal virus for sure… Vaccination is 100% going to help with this virus,” Moser added.

Moser told KTAB/KRBC pet owners should take their animals to the vet if they appear to be sick. Cats can be adopted right now because distemper does not spread from humans to cats.