ABILENE Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Joshua “King” Rushin was born with Cerebral Palsy. A rare condition that affects his muscle development and ability to control his body. Even so, King takes every opportunity he can to show that disabled doesn’t mean unable.

King Rushin exercising on his first day at Crunch

“That’s all people used to tell me. What I can’t do what I can’t do what I can’t do. So when people told me I couldn’t do something I had to practice practice practice until I went back and did it It’s not about bragging but it’s about overachieving the stones that people set in front of you” Says King.

He was unable to walk as a child but after 12 surgeries he took his first steps at 7 years old.

King attended Madison middle school and Cooper High. During that time he didn’t shy away from physical activities. Participating in football, basketball, and Gymnastics. Even if he was the only disabled person in the room.

“As I got older I realized that every time I went to the gym I never really saw people that were disabled in the gym. So I wanted to be a difference-maker and break barriers. To show that people with disabilities like to work out and keep in shape too,” said King.

King learns the computer system from Peters

Though he works as a musician and motivational speaker, King took a job at Crunch Fitness just three weeks ago. He started at the front desk but Fitness Director Elliot Peters says he could tell king wouldn’t stay in that position for long.

“First impression of King, man he’s a go-getter, he’s a hard-working dude. You can’t tell him no. The guy looks at obstacles. stares them down and climbs right over them.” Peters Says.

King says he is grateful for the opportunity since in his world the chances don’t come often.

“You can just feel that you know you’re not welcome someplace or they come up with excuses of why they can’t hire you. Being born disabled you have to expect that.” King said.

For King, this job means so much more than a paycheck.

“Somebody has to be willing to take the sacrifice, the bruising and the beating to open up doors for others,” King remarked.

So that others with disabilities will come through that door and achieve their fitness goals. King plans to specialize in training others with disabilities. Using his experience to meet the needs others may never think about.

“The average person isn’t living with a disability. Every day, every minute, every hour is different for me…. I can allow my disability to effect me or I can allow my disability to grow me and show me who I can be.”