ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A celebration took place in Abilene today in honor of 115 Big Country children in the foster care system that have been reunited with their families this year.

2ingage is an organization that oversees the foster care system in the Big Country and Texoma area. In both areas, there were 275 children reunited to their homes this year.  

Child placing agencies and those who helped the children once they were placed in this system went to 2-ingage for a celebration, where pinwheels were given to these organizations. One pinwheel was given per child that was reunified. 

Randy Neff, Vice President of Permanency for 2ingage, says this is important to motivate them to help the other children in the system. He mentions his favorite quote from a foster child’s perspective, which states, “Don’t save me from my family. Save my family for me.” 

“I think if we all look at that and really focus on that, it’ll keep our perspective in line,” says Neff. 

June is national family reunification month, which was the main reason for this ceremony, but Neff says they will continue to prioritize reuniting families, even after this month passes.