ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Abilene Art Walk is returning after being canceled for three consecutive months.

Center for Contemporary Arts Curator of Education Manny De Los Santos said, “Right at the start of the COVID-19 self quarantine we had put up two new shows and nobody has been able to actually physically see them.”

The Art Walk has displayed brilliant works of art to the public every second Thursday of each month until the coronavirus outbreak began.

De Los Santos said, “We did virtual tours and things like that but nothing beats actually standing by a piece of art and looking at it. To have this place open again means so much to me and means a lot to our artist members.”

With the Center of Contemporary Arts now re-opened, the public is being welcomed back to the first Art Walk since February in a safe and conservative manner.

De Los Santos said, “We want to be socially responsible, we don’t want to just open up the doors and let people come in so there is going to be a limit, we’re going to have 75 people total. You are totally allowed to wear your mask, we’re not going to say you have to but if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask then please do wear a mask. We’re going to have hand sanitizing stations around here, we have a daily cleaning schedule now.”

And those who plan on swinging by are being asked to be as cautious as possible.

De Los Santos said, “Some of our exhibits were made to be touched. There was an exhibit last year called “Please Touch Me,” which is way out of the box for an art gallery, normally you don’t touch anything since it’s really expensive but artists created things that you could touch. We have to mindful of things like that and be extra cautious.”

This month’s Art Walk has four shows ready to be seen in person.

De Los Santos said, “Art Walk is such a huge part of getting art accessible to the community, it doesn’t matter your age or social demographic, you can come out and enjoy art. It’s for everybody and that’s key for me to see everybody enjoy it.”

The Art Walk will take place Thursday on Cypress Street from 5-8 PM.