Legally blind DJ is breaking barriers

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(NBC) – A student at Texas A&M is breaking down barriers to follow her dream. Juggling a busy academic schedule, along with her passion for becoming a Dj.

As if that wasn’t enough… She also suffers from a genetic disorder that’s impacting her vision.

Bridget Frank explains how ‘d-j-b’ is able to keep her eye on the prize.

“I’m a political science major and psychology minor,” said Bridget Frank. “I just found a love for politics. I am a total psychology brain nerd.”

The Dallas junior keeps busy with her schoolwork and student government.

“I got elected last year to the A&M student senate representing the caucus of liberal arts.”

But every Friday night Dj b plays a set at icon nightclub

“And then in about the 6th or seventh grade, I started hearing more EDM electronic dance music and just totally fell in love with this. And I was like I need to do this,” said Bridget.

From there Bridget worked her way through the Dallas EDM scene like many musicians through humble beginnings.

Bridget’s musical journey is one not like most though.

“It’s very difficult going about my day to day life, looking at people and recognizing people. People will be like, oh, ‘why are you looking at me this way’ or like ‘why can’t you see me’ or ‘i waved at you on campus’, I’m like, you guys! I wish I could see you too!”

“I’m legally blind and so I have this rare genetic disorder its called Stargardt’s it’s a genetic disease of my retina it’s like macular degeneration but juvenile. I can’t drive, I couldn’t recognize my best friend if she was standing right next to me.”

In the past, there were a couple of growing pains musically speaking

“I use my laptop and a controller. And when I first got it, every single tiny knob I used to have to get really up close to it or even take pictures with my phone. “

D-j ‘b’ is expected to graduate from Texas A&M in 20-20 with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

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