LUBBOCK, Texas – One Frenship student is leading the color guard despite the fact that she is legally blind.

Scout Sonnenberg is the captain for the Frenship color guard, in the top 4 percent of her class, taking dual credit, in an advanced art class, and a part of the National Honor Society.

“There’s nothing that stops her,” said Amanda Knight, guard director. “I mean we’ve seen her grow and we have seen her tackle every challenge just like it’s nothing. It’s really pretty awesome.”

She marches to her own beat, even while overcoming a big obstacle.

“My cane is basically my eyeballs,” Sonnenberg said.

Born legally blind, she said she has had 43 surgeries and will have to deal with pain for the rest of her life.

“When I go outside it is basically white and I don’t have any depth perception,” she said.

She said she learns how to perform through muscle memory.

“I have to go off the sounds that the instruments are making and just try not to run into them,” she said.

She said she has even been chosen to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

“We told her she could do anything and along the way, she must have believed us,” said Paula Sonnenberg, Scout’s mom.

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